what is the brightest flashlight you can buy


I have a maglite. I love it. I want a that I can see the beam of lite go really far, because I am a child and I enjoy watching beams of light. My maglite is good. I want the best. Share with me your . Tell me thing have ever seen.

Looking for on the market? We look at led and sort them by battery.

Recently, I a pocket clip B62 recommended from my friend.Made by USA CREE XP- L HI V3 LED, and 18650 Li-ion battery,it is only 5.04 inches in length, B62 delivers max 900-lumen output and the beam distance reach 219m. may have

I just the JetBeam WL-S4 at a gun show. The is about 10 to 12 inches long, but it is only about an inch or so in diameter and is very lightweight. Also, it claims to be 2600 lumens (don’t have a way to actually measure it), but I can say that it I have ever seen.

The best can blast their for at least a few hours on a fresh set of batteries (or a full charge).




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